Story About Us

The whole story began with a small family owned shop that made soy sauce products back in 1900 in China. When soy products grew popular in Southeast Asia in 1930’s, the business moved to Singapore where our products grew to become an important part of many families’ daily cooking and diet.

As the story went by, many beloved products were born in the next few decades, from traditional soy bean drink, tea, fruit juices, curry gravy, chili sauce, seasonings, spices to noodles. In our belief, there is no stopping for creativity, experimentation and innovation.

Today, we are proud to be recognized as a trust worthy multi-national company beyond Asian horizons. One could easily find our products in countries such as United States, Europe, Australia, Indonesia, Canada, China, and Hong Kong, Vietnam and more. As many of us are on the hunt for healthier beverage alternatives nowadays, we can’t wait to bring some unique, healthy flavors to you all.