Soy Milk

Soy milk has been an all-time favorite beverage well-enjoyed by generations at anytime of the day. Its traditional authentic taste and smooth creamy texture makes it a satisfying enjoyment whether it is on the breakfast table or for your afternoon tea time. Versatile in nature, soy milk can simply be enjoyed on its own or with a creative twist, it can be used to make interesting and healthy dessert recipes.


Load up on YEO’S juice drinks that are packed with lots of fruits and essential goodness for your pure enjoyment.


Immerse yourself in the amazing aroma of tea, enjoy the natural tea goodness in ready-to-drink packs and cans. Every sip of the impeccable tea taste of YEO’S will simply refresh you!


Sea salt is obtained naturally from the sea and goes through minimal processing thus containing many essential traces of minerals that your body needs in order to be healthy and hydrated. Oceanic drinks are a perfect source of hydration for those searching for a healthier alternative to carbonated soft drinks.

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