YEO'S Chili Sauces are made specially from freshest and highest quality chili ingredients. They are a perfect condiment for fried food and finger dishes such as French fries, egg rolls, or even chicken nuggets. So versatile they can also be used as marinades for barbecues, stews, and stir-fries. Definitely a must have to spice up every day dishes.


Curry dishes are well-loved by many. Made with flavorful spices, the rich and fragrant curry sauce is a versatile convenient sauce to whip up that spicy meal. Simply add your favorite meat, seafood, or vegetables into the pot of curry sauce and you will have a delicious, quick and easy meal!

Culinary Sauce

YEO’S Culinary Sauces are your best friend in the kitchen! Cook up a storm with these fuss-free, easy-to-cook sauces, and delight your loved ones with scrumptious authentic Asian meals anytime you want!

Food & Other

YEO'S continues to offer products with the highest quality, using only the finest ingredients. YEO'S carries many other products ranging from Instant Noodles to Kaya Coconut Spread and so much more!

Discover YEO'S Sauces Recipes

YEO’S sauces are very versatile and can be used on many different types of dishes. Easy- to- cook sauces to make every dish a delicious authentic Asian meal.