Grass Jelly

Grass Jelly Drink contains no grass, but lots of refreshing herbs that is ideal for quenching your thirst with its nice refreshing soft strips of grass jelly.
Yeo's 6-pack snow pear drink

Snow Pear

Snow Pear Drink is carefully brewed with specially selected premium- grade snow pear extract for an impeccably smooth taste and instantly calming sensation. Every sip of the Snow Pear drink will delight your taste buds!
Yeo's Canned 300ml White Gourd Drink

White Gourd

White Gourd, also known as winter melon, is a tasty cooling drink. It has a pleasant sweet melon aftertaste, which simply makes you crave for more!
Yeo's canned sugar cane drink


Sugar Cane Drink is made with quality sugar canes making it naturally sweetened to quench your thirst.
Yeo's Canned 300ml Lychee Drink


Lychee drink is a delicately sweet luscious fruit beverage. It is very refreshing, drink it chilled, over crushed ice, or simple try mixing your own cocktails!