Must Try Drinks

Must Try Drinks

Yeo's Canned 300ml White Gourd Drink

White Gourd

White Gourd, also known as winter melon, is a tasty cooling drink. It has a pleasant sweet melon aftertaste, which simply makes you crave for more!
Yeo's Canned 300ml Lychee Drink


Lychee drink is a delicately sweet luscious fruit beverage. It is very refreshing, drink it chilled, over crushed ice, or simple try mixing your own cocktails!
Yeo's Canned 300ml Soy Milk

Soy Milk

Original Soy Milk, our most popular drink! This protein- rich drink is smooth, lightly sweet, fragrant, and highly nutritious. It is the ideal drink to start your day off right!

Ice Green Tea

Brewed with premium grade tea leaves and full of antioxidants, this tea drink infused with delicate jasmine is simply rejuvenating.
Yeo's 6-pack lemon flavored iced tea

Lemon Flavored Iced Tea

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Quench your thirst with black tea blended with a twist of zesty lemon to give that instant refreshment.
Yeo's Canned 300ml Chrysanthemum Tea Drink

Chrysanthemum Tea Drink

Chrysanthemum Tea Drink is a popular drink with a lightly infused fragrant aroma of the Chrysanthemum blossom. It has a delicate floral sweetness that leaves a memorable note. Enjoy the taste of Chrysanthemum tea anytime and anywhere.