Popular Sauce
Yeo's BBQ Satay Sauce

BBQ Satay Sauce

A well-loved Asian sauce of chopped peanuts, spices, chili and tamarind. This sauce evokes a sweet yet slightly spicy flavor that promises to sharpen everyone’s appetite! Perfect for dipping BBQ meats, kebabs, and rice cakes. It is also great for making pasta gravy, salad dressing, hotpot soup, or as a marinade for meat.
Yeo's Sweet Chili Sauce

Sweet Chili Sauce

Perfect for those who enjoy sweet, mildly spicy dishes. Its spicy flavor will add an exciting touch to almost any dish. This sauce is perfect for barbecues, deep fried dishes, or simply dipping.

Singapore Curry Gravy

Singapore Curry Gravy is for those who want an appetizing and zesty authentic Singaporean curry. It has a savory blend of curry spices and coconut milk making it suitable for curry lovers.