Culinary Sauce

Salted Soy Beans

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The soybeans are steamed, fermented with salt and wheat. A strong aromatic sauce suitable for marinades, stir-fries, fish stews, braised meat, and seafood. Can also be used as a table condiment.

Fried Rice Sauce

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Hot Bean Sauce

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For lovers of chili, spices, or anything hot! This versatile Hot Bean Sauce is perfect for using as a marinade, seasoning stir- fry dishes, to enjoying hotpot!

Laksa Paste

Laksa Paste is made of fragrant coconut milk, lemongrass, chili, onion, garlic and ginger, this aromatic paste will leave you and guests wanting for more!

Black Pepper Sauce

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Black Pepper Sauce spices up your dishes and sharpens your appetite with its rich aroma and tingling sensation on the tongue. This sauce is a rich blend of black pepper, garlic, tomato paste, and soy sauce. It is perfect for marinating meat or seasoning stir fry dishes.

BBQ Satay Sauce

A well-loved Asian sauce of chopped peanuts, spices, chili and tamarind. This sauce evokes a sweet yet slightly spicy flavor that promises to sharpen everyone’s appetite! Perfect for dipping BBQ meats, kebabs, and rice cakes. It is also great for making pasta gravy, salad dressing, hotpot soup, or as a marinade for meat.