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Malaysia Bak Kut Teh

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The contents of specially blended curry powder are obtained from selected spices. When this pocket of YEO’S curry powder is added to stew or casserole and simmered gently, it will induce a delicious curry flavor.

Minced Prawns in Spices

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A popular ingredient which will add aroma and spice to all dishes. This dominant flavor is the slightly pungent, almost fermented taste of dried shrimp, and the chili used just adds a nice background heat without being overpowering. It is great as a soup base for noodles or for a stir fry with vegetables, seafood, or pork.

Rice Vermicelli

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Rice Vermicelli also known as rice noodles can be easily prepared by simply frying it or boiling it in a soup together with your favorite ingredients. It is low in calories can be a great alternative to rice! Gluten free.

Pure Sesame Oil

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YEO’s Pure Sesame Oil is premium quality and unique roasted flavor are the secret to getting your meal to taste like a truly authentic Southeast Asian cuisine. Sprinkle a little to bring out the flavors in meat or vegetable broths, stir-fry dishes, meat dishes, or noodles. It is also great as a salad dressing and marinade as well.

Kaya Coconut Spread

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Kaya Coconut Spread, also known as coconut jam, is deliciously smooth and rich in texture and you can enjoy the soothing aroma of fragrant coconut.